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FilipinaLuv makes it simple for you to find the relationship that you want. Search Beautiful Filipino Women, Filipino Girls, Filipina and Foreigners that have already been separated into the same category as yourself. Everything from Serious/Marriage to non-meaningful relationships.

Please keep in mind, that every Filipino dating site has 60% or more of its members searching online to earn income or other. FilipinaLuv simply makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for. FilipinaLuv is the Best Philippines Dating Site and Easiest Filipino Dating Site for finding Serious Relationships between Beautiful Filipino Women, Filipino Girls, Filipina and Foreigners.

For people looking to get married in the (near) future. Usually a proposal within the first 6 months.
For people looking for a long term relationship that leads to marriage.
  1. A Relationship on Your Terms.
  2. You are a Sugar Baby/Daddy with perks or a Massage Therapist/GRO or other: bills get paid; no dating games; you travel; you shop; you enjoy nice dinners; your Sugar Daddy offers you guidance and stability.
Nothing is expected in exchange for this assistance. It is grateful that there are loving people that just communicate back and forth and care for one another. Usually the assistance to a friend or family member is to help with college or family problems.
FilipinaLuv does not recommend transfer of funds, but instead recommends our GIFTS program.
For people looking for short term non meaningful online cam relationships.
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About us

FilipinaLuv is a new dating site with fresh, new ideas for connecting people across the globe.
Our staff have travelled to and worked in all parts of the Philippines and some other parts of Asia to ensure that you get what you are looking for. Our verified girls seeking husband have all been confirmed of their credentials.

(This is What We Do Best)

Our staff have personally attended to the address of the verified girls to confirm her name, address, phone number, e-mail address, school and compares their home and personality with the content of their Serious/Marriage profile for accuracy, this eliminates as many scammers as possible and confirms that a girl is truly looking for Serious/Marriage. Once a girl is confirmed as a verified girl , her profile is then locked so it can no longer be edited without the consent of FilipinaLuv.

Send and Receive

FilipinaLuv is the only dating site that allows foreigners to send gifts to Filipinas in the Philippines. Gifts available include a Sack of Rice and/or a Semester in School. These gifts are only available to our verified girls that FilipinaLuv has confirmed as truly looking for Serious/Marriage or are enrolled in school. This is for the foreigner that reaches a special relationship with his Filipina girlfriend..

English as a Second Language

English is the second of the two official languages spoken in the Philippines. While at home the Filipino girls mostly learn and speak Filipino. When attending school, most all books used are in English. Unlike most Asian countries, English is spoken in the Philippines with a very mild accent.

By the Filipino girls and women communicating with the English speaking foreigners, this gives the Filipinas the opportunity to improve their English Language skills. This opens opportunities for Filipinos to find Call Centers jobs in Cebu or Manila, and Retail Sales.


We encourage English speaking foreigners to assist our Filipino members as these opportunities help Filipino girls and Filipino women with their chances to earn income to help support their family.

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