• Q: Do I need to post a photo?
  • A: Posting your photo is necessary if you want to make contact with the foreign ladies on the site. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. If a lady sees your profile, but you do not have a photo with it, what is her inclination to write you? You may be a great wordsmith and create an intriguing profile that begs a response, however if there is no photo, you will appear to be hiding something.
    Hiding what? Yes she may understand that you do not want your friends, family, or business associates to see your photo and profile. Yes she may understand that when you are comfortable, you will send her a photo. However, she probably has a limited amount of time at the Internet cafe and she will most likely choose to write to the man with a photo with grammatical mistakes over your poetic profile with no photo.
    The fact of the matter is you will appear to be too good to be true, while she will have an idea of what she is getting with the other guy.
    Therefore please submit the photo!
  • Q: Why to like a FILIPINO woman........
  • A1: Filipina women are famous for their magnetic beauty.
    Filipinas are well known for their feminine disposition, and magical charm among other Asian women;
  • A2: Filipina women are clam, understanding and patient
    Most Filipinas would never involve in a loud argument or fight just because of the way they are brought up as a true Filipina Lady, who speaks politely. This quiet, soft spoken, and caring nature of the Filipino women separates them from the western women;
  • A3: Filipina girls are well educated
    The Philippines gives great importance to higher education. Unlike other Asian countries where women tend to be in more subservient positions, the Philippines give more importance to girl's education. This affects their social behaviour too;
  • A4: Filipina women are good home keepers
    Filipina women understand their domestic responsibility. For them, their home is the source of their pride. They always try to maintain a loving and warm surroundings for their family members. For a Filipina, yelling at home is shameful act, as it would mean they cause disgrace to their home. Thus, you will never see a Filipina screaming, throwing dishes or fighting at top of her voice;
  • A5: Filipinas are kindhearted, supportive, and caring
    The loving, caring nature of Filipina woman is noticeable. You will never see any successful businesses for orphanages or retirement homes in the Philippines. Filipinas will never desert a child or a family member who is in need;
  • A6: Filipina girls believe in life long relationship
    Filipina girls are brought up in a high respect for the sacredness of relation and view it as a life-long commitment with their partner. Many people, who have a relation with Filipina girls, swear that they are among the best woman - faithful, loving and loyal.
  • Q: What does "Stay Logged In" do?
  • A: When you click "Stay Logged In", the site will remember your computer and will automatically log you in next time you visit.
    Only use this if this is your personal device and no one else shares this device with you.
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