FilipinaLuv, the newest Philippines online dating sites, connecting Filipinas with western men and foreigners searching true Filipina love for serious relationships, marriage, dating, friendship, husband, wife or other.

FilipinaLuv is the first dating site that attempts to verify its Serious/Marriage and Support members and their profile in an attempt to weed out all the scammers and not so truthful people that seem to appear on other dating sites. We personally visit each and every member that we verify to confirm their Name, age, contact information including address, place of school and or employment and further check, compare and lock their profile for accuracy, although we cannot guarantee this part.

FilipinaLuv allows the guys opportunity to send gifts to the verified girls that they have reached a special connection with. Most dating sites send flowers. In Asia, most the girls there are looking for a somewhat better life with someone that can look after and care for them as well as their family a little. Sending money is not a good idea and not recommended, regardless of your connection with the girl. In the Philippines the most important things for a girl there is education (in the hopes of getting a decent job) and a sense of security (this being an income and often also including a boyfriend) for food, clothing and shelter. We give the guys the opportunity to pay for or purchase these items for the verified girls only, that we have confirmed their name, age, contact information including address and place of school.

FilipinaLuv further allows you and other consenting adults the opportunity to interact with one another on cam on a pay per minute basis, where the money is charged to your credit card (buy the purchase of credits on the FilipinaLuv site) and then the money is sent to the girl, less a commission fee charged to the girl by FilipinaLuv. FilipinaLuv only offers this cam service, it is the users responsibility to ensure they do not conduct activities on this service which may be contradictory to any laws in the location that the user is using this service.

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