Find the partner you have always been looking for;
For people looking to get married in the (near) future. Usually a proposal within the first 6 months.
For people looking for a long term relationship that leads to marriage.
  1. A Relationship on Your Terms.
  2. You are a Sugar Baby/Daddy with perks or a Massage Therapist/GRO or other: bills get paid; no dating games; you travel; you shop; you enjoy nice dinners; your Sugar Daddy offers you guidance and stability.
Nothing is expected in exchange for this assistance. It is grateful that there are loving people that just communicate back and forth and care for one another. Usually the assistance to a friend or family member is to help with college or family problems.
FilipinaLuv does not recommend transfer of funds, but instead recommends our GIFTS program.
For people looking for short term non meaningful online cam relationships.

FilipinaLuv: your answer to dating across the globe.

Please respect those people that are in the Serious/Marriage and BF/GF, and NOT ask them questions that participate in the other Fun!/Live Cam or Arrangement.

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